Nature Decal for Roller Bottles and Dropper/Spray Bottles

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These nature decals are sized to fit either a a 10mL roller bottle, or 1oz and 2oz dropper/spray bottles. Choose your size.

If buying multiple labels, I will size according to the largest so that all labels look uniform. If you are purchasing my bottles and would like me to apply the labels for you at no charge, please include an order note with directions for which label is for which bottle.

Price is for ONE label, so if you are ordering multiples, ensure you have added the correct number to your cart. Roller bottle is not included

Made with permanent vinyl. These labels are waterproof, and oil resistant. Follow all application instructions to ensure your labels last. To add an extra layer of protection, choose to have your labels sealed! I will use the same top coat that I use on my roller bottles to seal your labels onto your bottle. You will not feel the label when you run your finger over the bottle, and it will be impossible to pick off the label. This makes it truly permanent. You can select this option at the checkout. Please note that this process will add approximately 1 week to your processing time. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!